Indien Apparel ( Interview )


What’s Indien Apparel all about?

Although starting as a personal project, Indien soon grew into something much more.

When I started making tees, my friends and their friends responded so well. We nearly sold out of our first tee design within a few weeks. A community of people who loved the brand started to grow and I started to take notice.

I realized, people want be a part of the brand, a part of the actual company. The days of people buying things from anywhere or anyone are coming to a close. People want to know and take part in a brand.

As I saw this develop I began to desire to create a place where all of this could happen, where buyers and consumers become more of fans. Thus, The Tribe was a birthed. The community part of the brand wherein anybody can join, no matter the race, gender, or background. [Read more...]

Ethics Sunglasses Now 50% Off from Lucid Eyewear

ethics sunglasses by lucid eyewear
Got ethics?

The Ethics series of sunglasses by Lucid Eyewear is one of my favorite designs … and not just from their collection.

For me, the trick with this type of design is the width of the frame — if it’s too thin, you’ve got nothing but lens and the design becomes imbalanced. This also leads to glasses feeling way too light in my opinion, but maybe that’s just me.

The Ethics design rocks a frame that matches the larger style of the lens, which means you’ve got a pair of glasses that feels good, looks good, and does good.

Every pair of sunglasses sold helps provide mosquito nets to children in Africa in effort to fight malaria. 

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