Attik Supply Co. Takes Us Behind the Design of Trees

behind the design by wearabl

What is your clothing all about?

The answer to this question can take years to find, but often reflects what you stand for and becomes the common thread found throughout your clothing line.

Brian Jagodnik of Attik. Supply Co knows what’s up — and a quick glance through his store will prove he’s found the answer to that question.

Join us as he takes us behind the design of one of our favorite tees from his clothing line. In this edition we’ll dive into how location can inspire a design, the most challenging feat of the design, and the many colors of Tree.

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7 Fundamental Pages Your Apparel Website Should Have

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“Do you have a website?”

If you’ve started your own apparel company, then you’ve been asked this question before.

The answer doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that your website is ready for visitors. If it’s not, you could be missing the opportunity to make a good first impression, grow your email list, and sell products.

So …

“Is your website ready for visitors?”

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Radio Fonix Apparel Takes Us Behind the Design of Twerkel

behind the design by wearabl

Why didn’t I think of that?

You know you’re looking at a great design when you find yourself asking this question.

Very few designers can compose shape, space, and color into something that playfully nods at both the nostalgia of an entire generation and the pop-culture of today.

Tabby Rodriguez can.

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An Interview with Patrick Branigan of Bafe

bafe clothing

Wearabl: Tell us about Bafe — what does it bring to the table as an indy brand?

Patrick: Like many other independent brands Bafe truly is a labor of love. It’s a brand that produces wearable products inspired by electronic dance music. It was built with the understanding that graphic apparel, especially t-shirts, can be a saturated arena. Furthermore, it exists as an avenue for artistic reaction and expression regarding electronic dance music (EDM), an already uber artistic culture. In other words Bafe isn’t meant to make a buck or appeal to everyone and anyone involved in EDM culture. Instead it’s a brand that takes its time, focuses on creating design-driven products and is meant to emphasize the EDM’s creative nature that I feel is increasingly overlooked as the genre becomes more and more popular. [Read more...]

10 Things Holding You Back from Crushing It

If you’re like most independent artists, you probably have lofty goals in your sights. You want to build your independence as a designer and make a living from your creative work.

And like most artists, you probably find yourself struggling to reach your full potential due to one, or more, of the following things that hold people back from crushing it. [Read more...]

An Early Look at the Heart of Sound Series by Radio Fonix

Wearabl: Let’s talk about the upcoming NPR + RFx Collaborative, Heart of Sound Series … what’s the genesis of it all?

Tabby: So I’ve been working on ideas for an Indie/Folk based series for over a year. I just couldn’t seem to create anything I felt was worth printing, and definitely hadn’t had the slightest bit of inspiration when it came to creating an entire series. I found National Park Radio randomly one day during what I call scouting, which is basically me searching and listening to newly discovered independent artists for hours at a time.  [Read more...]

First & Lexington on Quality, Trust and Designs that Sell

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That’s what First & Lexington is all about.

If you’ve started your own line of apparel, you already know first-hand how difficult it can be to stand by your brand in a competitive market … so what does it take?

Grant of First & Lexington reveals how the team stands by quality, build trust, and create designs that sell.

Let’s go.

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